Enhancing underwater images using piecewise linear smoothing gradient guided filter

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Special Issue – March 2020



Poor visibility owing towards illumination absorption and scattering is challenging for processing undersea descriptions. However, for enhancing true scene from such degradation is more important. Unfortunately, existing methods cause gradient reversal artifact particularly near boundaries. To get better insight of undersea imagery, we project a piecewise linear smoothing Gradient Guided Filter (P-GGF) technique is to defeat the difficulties caused by conventional schemes, hence produce sharper boundaries based on GGF and smoothed output based on piecewise linear model. The projected technique mainly functional for smoothing, flash and feathering. Tentative results prove that the resultant algorithm can produce imagery with improved ocular excellence than existing methods.


Palabras clave

Image Enhancement, Guided Filter, Piecewise liner smoothing, Piecewise constant smoothing.

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