Dual biometric encrypted authentication using Rasperry Pi processor

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Special Issue – March 2020



Security is one of the main concerns in many sectors especially in banking. Many protection mechanisms such as passwords and number locks, PIN numbers have been used to identify the correct person. The biometric protection mechanism using fingerprints are also implemented. To ensure more security double biometric factors are implemented in this paper. Voice is a powerful factor to identify a speaker who is holding the account in banks. In addition to voice, usual face biometric features also considered for security in bank lockers. Both are transformed into encrypted format and stored to avoid database hacking. In this, Raspberry Pi board is used for implementation. To manipulate voice, devices like USB microphone and sound cards are used. For processing face image Raspi Cam is used. When the given image and voice matches with that of the image and voice stored in the database, then login process starts else the person trying to unlock the locker is not the bank account holder. For new users, signup process will be provided by administrator by capturing voice and face images for enrollment. This system can be helpful for maintaining the customer’s
confidentiality in bank lockers.


Palabras clave

Authentication, Face recognition, Voice recognition, Encryption, Enrollment.

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