Application of ordinance n° 310-2009-mdjm, and noise pollution from the vehicle fleet in the district of Jesús María – 2020

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Febrero/February 2022



The present research work analyzes the noise pollution of the automobile fleet in the District of Jesús María located in Lima - Perú. The general objective was “To determine the incidence of the application of Ordinance N° 310- 2009-MDJM. in the noise pollution of the vehicle fleet in the district of Jesús María, 2020” the type of research is applied; descriptive and explanatory level and non-experimental design. The population object of study was constituted by the inhabitants of the district and the floating population, considering a non-probabilistic sample of 210 people. The instruments used were: measurements of sound pressure in fixed stations, counting of public and private vehicles in the time of measurement of good pressure, and a questionnaire that was validated by expert judges, the same one that constituted 32 items of the scale of Likert. The results found in the sound pressure measurements exceeded the maximum sustainability of the analyzed Ordinance, showing noise pollution. The statistical test used was the Spearman correlation coefficient, determining that there are differences in noise pollution at the stations and not at the timetables; that public and private vehicles increase sound pressure measurements under different conditions; concluding that: “The application of Ordinance N° 310- 2009-MDJM significantly affects noise pollution in the vehicle fleet in the district of Jesús María, 2020”.


Palabras clave

Noise Pollution, Vehicle fleet, Ordinance, Public vehicles, Private vehicles.

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