Low-cost non-invasive smart bed system using medical devices embedded with IoT

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Noviembre/November 2021



Now a days, advances in information and communication technology have prompted the rise of internet of things (IOT). In the modern era, the usage of IOT technologies brings the physician and doctor to monitor the health condition of the patient even in remote and rural areas can be examined and consulted by doctors worldwide where the database of the patient is uploaded in sub-server and sends to government website using android technology .In this paper, different kinds of sensor modules and controller are used to monitor the health parameter of patient includes heart rate, temperature, pulse rate respectively and the measured parameter can be transmitted to the microcontroller sequentially. From the measured value blood oxygen level, carbon dioxide level, hemoglobin, stress, and glucose level flow can be derived, the main aim of the project is to access the individual health condition of the patient by the doctor anywhere in the world. The death rate because of these kind of simple health problems will be reduced and the convenience for treatment time alert is invented, the remote health monitoring system with the help of internet of things (IOT) which has the portable features.


Palabras clave

Sensors, Micro-Controller, Wi-Fi module, IOT, NON-Invasive method.

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