High performance network intrusion detection engine

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Noviembre/November 2021



Security administration plays a significant role in network management tasks. The intrusion detection systems are designed to shield the provision, confidentiality and integrity of vital network information systems. The system we have planned to design can scan, classify and monitor the network traffic in real time while not affecting network throughput. Since most of the business intrusion detection systems are at usually expensive or abundant costly and that they tend to represent a major resource demand in themselves, for tiny networks, use of such IDS isn’t possible. Thus, principally open supply IDS are being employed. IDS are one in everything about preeminent tried and dependable advances to watch the approaching and active system traffic to spot unapproved utilization and no right treatment of PC frameworks arrange. NIDS are normally incapable to execute whole system bundles, which winds up in fragmented investigations and in this way considerable postponements in fast and high-load conditions. HIDSs can watch malevolent networks and multiple actions happening isolated the endangered host. An HIDS stays located next to the tip purpose of an electronic network that has anti-threat applications like spyware detection, firewalls and antivirus software system plans, which give access to outdoor backgrounds like the Web.


Palabras clave

Intrusion detection system, Network Security, Network Intrusion Detection System, Intrusion Detection Expert System.

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