Solar energy status and potential assessment across Karachi, Pakistan

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial – Noviembre 2019

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Renewable energy production in terms of solar irradiation comes is highly valuable for power generation. The World Bank Group (WB) investigated the quantity of intermittent renewable energy usage in regard to explore the existing solar power availability in Pakistan. The WB group put a strong effort to explore the renewable resources in the number of countries including Pakistan. The WB get the data available for all the observed countries. So the data obtained from WB sites located across Karachi. The solar data was studied by the WB group for the data sets in 2015- 2017. In this paper, we have observed the solar irradiation trend and the fluctuation as for as the sunny day is concerned for the hourly, daily, monthly and yearly durations. The solar irradiations to be able to efficiently employ these renewable energy sources to meet the current and future power needs of Karachi of Pakistan. The Solar irradiation is available in the form of energy only need to explore it. We must use the python software for the solar irradiation trend observation for the Karachi.


Palabras clave


Renewable energy, Solar energy, Solar irradiation, World bank observation.

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