Achieving high input power factor for DCM Buck PFC converter by variable Duty-Cycle control

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial – Noviembre 2019

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Buck power factor correction (PFC) converter is widely used for a broad range of AC/DC applications because of its many advantages However, the traditional discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) buck power factor correction converter (PFC) operates on constant duty-cycle control (CDCC) scheme, due to which its input power factor (PF) is low. For improving PF near to unity, a variable-duty-cycle control (VDCC) method has been proposed. Fitting duty-cycle method is also introduced to make circuit implementation easier. For verifying the validity of proposed technique, the simulation results are carried out.


Palabras clave


Variable duty-cycle control (VDCC), Constant duty-cycle control (CDCC), Discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), Power factor correction (PFC).

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