Conducting traffic surveillance for motor vehicle taxation

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial – Noviembre 2019

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Excise taxation is the Sind government department that registers the vehicles running across Sind. This department is responsible for collecting the revenue in lieu of Token tax and annual running tax from the vehicles running under the registration number of Sind. The tax payment checking is manual, means every vehicle is stopped for snap checking. Manual verification is very tiring and cumbersome, so that every vehicle could not be checked. In developed countries this all is done through online automatic system. An online portal is introduced by the excise department on which the verification of the vehicle can be done in terms of its bogusness. But this portal and online recovery of annual tax is not concerned for the detecting of the defaulters. This research focuses on the detection of the defaulters. As the date expires the vehicle would be monitored at any toll tax stop after the recognition of the number plate data. An automatic checking method is used for detection. This method uses the technology that is called Automatic vehicle number plate recognition (AVNPR). This tool uses the image processing procedure to read the number plate numbers and characters.


Palabras clave


AVNPR, Face recognition, Image processing.

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