Alternate formula for calculating the Darcy Coefficient in turbulent flow in pipes

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología – Volumen 9 Número 3 (Edición 35)



The purpose of this research was to determine an alternative formula for calculating the Darcy coefficient in turbulent flow in pipes. The proposed alternate formula is an explicit formula that should be used to replace the Colebrook-White formula for calculating the Darcy coefficient in turbulent flow in pipes since it has higher precision than the explicit formulas that are currently in use. In this investigation, the alternate formula was compared with two explicit formulas commonly used in pipe design, the Swamee-Jain and Pavlov formulas. To determining which formula is better, all of them were compared with the Colebrook-White formula. For this, the average percentage and maximum percentage errors of the Darcy coefficient values calculated with each of the explicit formulas were determined, with the values obtained with the Colebrook - White formula. It was determined that the maximum errors in the calculation of the Darcy coefficient concerning the Colebrook-White formula were: 3,104% for the Swamee-Jain formula, 7,973% for the Pavlov formula and 2,740% for the alternate formula.


Palabras clave

Pipes, Turbulent Flow, Darcy Coefficient, Colebrook-White Formula, Swamee-Jain Formula, Pavlov Formula, Alternate Formula.

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