A novel method for improving Bit Error Rate in sensor networks by using Orthogonal Space Time Block Code (OSTBC) coding

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología – Volumen 9 Número 3 (Edición 35)



For the designing of any network, lifetime and size of the network are the most important parameters in addition to that high data rate and low bit error rate also play an important role in the designing of any sensor network. In this paper, new transmission techniques for the transmission of sensors data has been proposed for sensor networks by combining various modulation and coding techniques into the network transmission. The proposed technique is used to improve the Bit Error Rate performance of the wireless sensor network, in most of the wireless sensor networks ,bits are converted into packets and these packets are transmitted from source to destination during that transmission the quality of physical layer is determined by the Bit Error Rate (BER) and the Packet Delivery Rate (PDR). The physical layer deals with transmission of bits over wireless link the designing constraints of this layer is modulation, diversity and coding. In this paper various modulation, coding and diversity techniques are incorporated into sensor network for reducing Bit Error Rate (BER). The proposed system divides the network into two types of nodes, first one is the sensor nodes, equipped with short distance transmission capability and another one is special nodes that are equipped with modulators and coders for transmitting data over long distance. This proposed system also extended for providing the secured data transmission by the use of various error detection and correction codes.


Palabras clave

Bit Error Rate (BER), Orthogonal Space Time Block Code (OSTBC), Internet Of Things (IOT), Orthogonal Transform Division Multiplexing (OTDM), Space Time Coding (STC), Singular Vector Decomposition (SVD).

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