A new merged segmentation technique used for X-ray chest images

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Noviembre/November 2021



Image processing techniques of a chest X-ray image includes noise removal followed by segmentation, feature extraction to locate regions and classification. The chest image appears differently when viewed from different angles or under different lightings. Diagnosing TB stays a challenge. The customary medical specialty, even so count, variety ways, they are gradual and frequently unreliable. In ancient poster anterior chest radiographs, several clinical and diagnostic functions build use of computationally designed algorithms that assist in scientific diagnostic analysis by victimization acquisition of pictures. The Digital image may be a necessary medium for analyzing, annotating, patient’s demographics coverage in screening of TB via chest radiography. This paper deals with the essential segmentation methods of TB. In our methodology, this disease can be fastly and accurately identifiable by the merge segmentation methods of K means with Marker-based Watershed segmentation which has highest precision and recall values when compared to the several other segmentation methods which is been is discussed. More than 80 chest Xray images output for recall and precision is discussed here.


Palabras clave

Watershed Segmentation, Marker-Based Watershed Segmentation, Otsu, K means, Gamma correction.

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