Use the Value Chain Analysis to Improve the Quality of Health Service

Use the Value Chain Analysis to Improve the Quality of Health Service

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Publicado en 3C Empresa – Volume 12, Issue 1 (Ed. 51)


Seror Naji Mohsen aldouri
Manoj A. Kumbhalkar



Quality is currently one of the most important strategies adopted by WHO in to gain time to please and deal with the client for the greatest possible benefit to auditors, In health service, quality and value have become convergent ideas, and the importance of patients as clients has grown as a result of a focus on quality management and value delivery.The supply chain idea also aids marketing by showcasing the ties that make up a network of firms that manufacture products for customers, as well as shifting the attention away from individual transactions and toward a more holistic view of the entire system. The value chain idea in marketing broadens the perception of the supply chain in a significant way. It describes the value created at each level of the chain and, for marketers, is a critical tool in satisfying customers for a portion of the value chain. This research looks at numerous value approaches that are critical for the value chain's success, then identifies key aspects of the value chain and follows them as they relate to services. Finally, it looks at one of the most complicated services, the health services system. Finally, the research reveals some crucial implications for health-service marketers by evaluating the critical aspects determining the performance of the health-service process.


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Value Chain, Analysis, Quality Enhancement, Health Service

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