Metal Oxide Coating On Biodegradable Magnesium Alloys

Metal Oxide Coating On Biodegradable Magnesium Alloys

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Publicado en 3C Empresa – Volume 12, Issue 1 (Ed. 51)


Pralhad Pesode
Shivprakash Barve
Sagar V. Wankhede
Amar Chipade



Magnesium is a biodegradable metal that has potential in orthopaedics. It has several advantages over other metallic materials because it is biocompatible and degradable now being used for biomedical applications, including elimination of stress shielding effects, enhancing degradation properties and enhancing biocompatibility concern in vivo, eliminating the second surgery for implant removal. Bioabsorbable magnesium (Mg) and related alloys have been limited in their usage because of its lower corrosion resistance. Surface alteration and functionality, in addition to basic alloying, is an important technique to deal with Mg and its alloys' reduced corrosion resistance. Magnesium's rapid depreciation however is a double-edged sword because it's critical to match bone renewal to material corrosion. As a result, calcium phosphate coatings have been proposed as a way to slow down corrosion. There are various possible calcium phosphate phases and their coating methods and can give a few distinct properties to various applications. Despite magnesium's lower melting point and greater reactivity, calcium phosphate coatings require precise settings to be effective. Because of their toxicity, non-biodegradability, and much higher cost, the recently used inorganic conversion coatings are less appealing and their application is limited. Conversion coatings are a viable alternative technology that is based on a cost- effective, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable organic component. Surface chelating functional groups in these compounds allow them to link with the magnesium/surface hydroxide layer while also providing anchoring groups for the polymer topcoat. Nanoreservoirs with multilayer inhibitors for active self-healing corrosion resistance thrive in this environment. This study examines the organic conversion coatings for Mg and its alloys in depth.


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Magnesium, Calcium phosphate coating, Conversion coating, Biodegradable, Biocompatible.

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