Superimposed anatomical structures in augmented reality

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Noviembre/November 2020



The paper considers an approach to visualization of anatomical structures using augmented reality, which allows for more accurate planning of operations and reduces the degree of surgical intervention. To achieve this goal, a technology was developed using a frame with a volumetric optical marker, which allows you to correlate a virtual 3D model with the patient. As a result, it was possible to achieve an accurate positioning of the 3D model and obtain a reliable visualization of the location of internal anatomical structures. At the same time, the parallel application of spatial mapping technology allows you to fix the 3D model at a certain point in space and, in case of loss of marker tracking, save the correct location of the 3D model, taking into account that the patient is in a stationary state. This approach can be effectively applied in surgery, if it is possible to fix the skeleton relative to any bone structure. Options for surgical intervention can be different, starting with the installation of prostheses, ending with the removal of cancerous tumors. The article discusses a project to develop a technology for using augmented reality in planning and conducting maxillofacial surgery. The capabilities of the technology, as well as the prospects for its use, are highlighted.


Palabras clave

Medicine, Surgery, Maxillofacial surgery, Augmented reality, Markers, 3D graphics, Visualization.

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