Augmented reality based gesture detection & object creation system using XCode & ARKit

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Noviembre/November 2020



In this modern era of mobile applications, Augmented Reality (AR) is becoming one of the emerging areas of implementation for researchers around the globe. While live gesture detection and 3D model creation still need more attention from researchers. In this paper, we present an interactive AR character that directly interacts with real objects. The interactive AR character automatically determines how to behave and to control real objects. This current research presents three studies that test the social psychological effects of Augmented Reality. In this research, we are using Apple’s IDE for native iOS development on swift, XCode for UI design and architectural functionalities of our application. We used the ARKIT library to import all the necessary functions and classes to manipulate and use according to our needs. Finally, we successfully deployed an IOS application which can detect live gestures of our hand movements and then create 3D models with the help of our hand gestures.


Palabras clave

Augmented Reality, Hand Gestures, 3D Model Creation, IOS Application, Apple, XCode, ARKit.

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