Roadside vertical solar-wind energy tower

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Noviembre/November 2020



Fossil fuels and Nuclear power is responsible for about 82% of the current Energy Production in the US. While a small part is still being met by renewable energy sources, engineers are working hard on finding new sources of Energy. Another approach to the global clean energy crisis is that instead of looking for a new energy source, we should become Energy Efficient. Road power generation is a new technology where the wasted energy of a moving vehicle can be extracted and converted to useful work done. This paper presents such a technology which when employed at the corner of a road can send power directly to the grid or run streetlights depending on the mode of operation. This is done by constructing a Savonius Wind Turbine and then converting the wasted wind energy produced by a moving vehicle. In addition, a solar panel can also be placed on the top of the turbine and produce more energy. A microcontroller decides how Energy is to be sent to the grid or stored to be used for street lighting load. While the power production may vary depending on the traffic and conditions of the city, the S-rotor and solar panel have a maximum voltage of 19.1 V and 19.65 V respectively.


Palabras clave

Savonius rotor, Inverter, Solar Panel, Wind turbine, Road Power generation, Charge Controller.

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