Signed graphs from proper coloring of graphs

Signed graphs from proper coloring of graphs

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología – Volume 12 Issue 2 (Ed. 44)


Divya Antoney*
Tabitha Agnes Mangam
Mukti Acharya



Let χ(G) denote the chromatic number of a graph G. Under the proper coloring of a graph G with χ(G) colors, we define a signed graph from it. The obtained signed graph is defined as parity colored signed graph and denoted as Sc. The signs of edges of G are defined from the colors of the vertices as +( − ) if the colors on the adjacent vertices are of the same (opposite) parity. In this paper, we initiate a study on Sc. We further investigate the chromatic rna number of some classes of graphs concerning proper coloring.


Palabras clave


Signed graph, parity colored signed graph of a graph, chromatic rna number.

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