Model based on balanced scorecard applied to the strategic plan of a peruvian public entity

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Publicado en 3C Empresa – Volumen 10 Número 4 (Edición 48)



The objective of this research is to propose a design of a model based on a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) applied to the strategic plan of a Peruvian public entity. There is a deficiency of compliance with the objectives of the strategic plan, which results in the low acceptance of public institutions by citizens. The methodology used for this design proposal was based on the BSC management tool. To test the model, a prototype of a solution based on BSC was built for the institutional strategic plan; in the interface, the following results were obtained; the year 2019, the average of the programmed goals of the indicators was 59, the standard of the execution of the plans was 58, this means an execution percentage of 97% for 2019. Therefore, it is proposed to reach 100% by 2020 with the implementation of the proposal.


Palabras clave

Balanced Scorecard, Strategic map, Strategic plan, Public entity.

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