Efficient and sustainable improvement of a system of production and commercialization of Essential Molle Oil (Schinus Molle)

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Publicado en 3C Empresa – Volumen 10 Número 4 (Edición 48)



This research describes the relationships between the design of an efficient production cycle of metabolites from the Schinus molle plant, from extraction, processing, product formulation to the final disposal of its residues, and the project's environmental sustainability. The target population in this research was limited to small farmers-producers, marketers of natural products, technicians of the municipalities related to the MYPES, and students of engineering and careers related to agriculture and its processing, which were convened by a digital marketing system via Facebook, reaching a total of 300 participants in total. The sample chosen was non-probabilistic and consisted of 94 participants who gave their informed consent. The research design was pre-experimental. The results obtained through self-applied instruments in the control and experimental groups, under the application of an intervention program were subjected to hypothesis tests of mean differences with Wilcoxon statistics for related samples, reaching the general conclusion that the application of counseling and training programs in green business models based on the extraction and processing of Shinus molle essential oil positively influences the perceptions of stakeholders on the environmental sustainability of projects of this nature.


Palabras clave

Environmental sustainability, Environmental concern, Ecological dimension, Sustainable development, Sustainability.

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