Formative method for the development of environmental behavior in university students Lima-Peru

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Publicado en 3C Empresa – Volumen 10 Número 4 (Edición 48)



This research aims to determine the influence of the method of the formative project in the development of environmental behaviors in undergraduate students of a private university, 2020. This is because in the current educational system, teaching focused on developing competencies was established in the mid- nineties; despite this, some private academic centers can follow the traditional model for the fulfillment of objectives. The use of the formative project method, which is characterized by its permissibility feature, for which a plan of action is designed, data was collected through a questionnaire based on the Likert scale before and after the application of the project with a sample of 168 students. The results based on the Wilcoxon Ranges statistical analysis showed that there were no students with Low scores in the pre-test, but students with a Medium level of 44.05% (74); and 55.95% (94) presented a High level, and in the post-test, the number of Medium levels decreased by 3.57% (6) and the High level increased by 96.43% (162) students. They conclude that the method of the formative project influences the environmental behavior and concerning the dimensions of the Practices and improves the behavior of the students either in the recognition and analysis of the problem, the approach, and formulation of strategies.


Palabras clave

Method of training projects, Environmental behavior, Eco-efficient practices, Environmental identity.

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