Directive management and pedagogical innovation model for public universities

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Publicado en 3C Empresa. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Enero/January 2021



To achieve success and achieve quality learning, the integral functioning of the processes of educational institutions must be developed, organized and evaluated, but there is a significant gap where the directive management is out of focus with the fulfillment of objectives and lack of pedagogical innovation in their Teaching and learning processes. Therefore, this research presents a model of directive management and pedagogical innovation for public universities in the Province of Cañete. The research approach is quantitative with a nonexperimental, correlational and cross-sectional design, the technique used was the survey which was applied to 20 university professors with respect to the managerial management variable with its indicators promoting pedagogical changes, decision making, teacher communication and the dependent variable pedagogical innovation with its indicators teacher training and technological perspective, with a Cronbach’s alpha coefficient of 0.909. The results indicate that 40% of teachers show regular pedagogical changes, 45% indicate that the use of technology is low in their learning session to achieve competencies and 60% express that the benefit of their decisions for their students is regular. These results reflect that the public universities of Cañete must implement a managerial management model and technological innovation to improve educational quality based on institutional development, the fulfillment of objectives, be at the forefront of social progress and favor teaching and learning processes.


Palabras clave

Directive Management, Pedagogical Innovation, Model, Public Universities, Cañete.

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