Digital transformation model for the development of tourism companies

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Publicado en 3C Empresa. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Enero/January 2021



The way of consuming information and the way we communicate is evolving thanks to advances in technology, the digital transformation breaks new ground in the tourism sector when communicating its services, offers and messages to customers. One of the challenges facing tourism professionals is understanding technological trends to innovate and reinvent their services towards clients. For which we propose a model to adopt the digital transformation in the development of tourist companies. A questionnaire was carried out with 20 managers from the sector with 95% reliability related to customer management, competition and innovation strategy regarding digital transformation; organizational culture and change management regarding business development. The results show that 45% indicate that they rarely keep a record with updated customer data. 35% indicate that they sometimes evaluate business models to anticipate their competition. 35% rarely use any methodology to develop a business model. This reflects that companies must manage data for later use, invest resources in innovating the business model, and have technological professionals who reinvent business processes.


Palabras clave

Digital Transformation, Tourism Companies, Development, Model.

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