Automated logistic systems: needs and implementation

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Edición Especial/Special Issue – Abril/April 2020



In this paper, a solution to the problem of warehouse automation for transferring goods is discussed. To meet the demands of large scale material movement in warehouses, an automated system is proposed in lieu of a manual workforce to automate the warehouse picking process using an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). Such a vehicle can operate in an industrial setting with minimal human intervention. The system is designed such that the robot can operate on a known ‘map’ laid out on the warehouse floor.
When starting and ending coordinates are provided, it can calculate the shortest path to its destination and guide itself along the path avoiding obstacles.
The system proposed is a prototype of a large-scale system and demonstrates proof of concept of the overall AGV system for warehouse management. The document is centered on developing the hardware model of automatic guide vehicle (AGV) system and group it with metal detection detector. The system performance is measured in a straight-line movement and once the robot turns at specific degrees. A metal track was built via metal strips and was then detected by the proximity sensors. This is a cheap process and an alternative to magnetic strip and infrared sensors. This process is also very robust and can withstand the demands of an industrial setting.
Furthermore, control software was implemented using Robot Operating System (ROS) and interfacing for all the sensors was done using python scripts. Central processing was carried out for the data from all sensors and movement decisions were made based on the status of the sensors. Through this project, the concept of a small scale AGV produced using locally available materials, was proven. All the objectives for this project were met successfully and the product performed according to its intended design criteria.


Palabras clave

Industry 4.0, Automated Systems, Mechatronics, Productivity, Shortest Path, Localization.

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