Circular economy and life-cycle analysis in buildings

This book shows in the form of book chapters the best works presented at the 1st International conference on Sustainable Construction and Demolition held in Valencia, Spain, from November 17 to 18, 2021, under the thematic area of sustainability in construction.

This conference sought to disseminate the current situation from a perspective of improvement in the construction sector, where technological advances need to be constantly reviewed to manage their evolution efficiently and sustainably.

The conference dealt with Sustainability in Construction, Technology, Energy, Environment, Circular Economy and Life Cycle Analysis, debating in an international forum with innovative contributions that will undoubtedly give positive results in the immediate future.

The Conference has been a platform for contributions with an academic community established in collaboration with the professional world and the business sector to present and discuss new and current work. This has resulted in the Conference being successful.

All the book chapters were subjected to a review process by reviewers of the scientific committees, external reviewers and members depending on the corresponding topic of the article. After a rigorous review process, the chapters were selected based on their originality, relevance and clarity for the purpose of the conference presentation.


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