Understanding the viability of integrating WSN with IoT using cloud infrastructure

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Publicado en 3C TIC – Volumen 11 Número 1 (Edición 40)



IEEE 802.15.4, Wireless Sensor Networks, have increasingly become an important part of many sustainable development applications. However, due to the energy expenditure restrictions of Wireless Sensor Networks, it has become imperative to optimize its usage and reach ability through a amalgam of nature inspired techniques, Internet of things and cloud. In our study, we have used CupCarbon simulator to first establish the workability of such a model and to see if nature inspired algorithms technique may be used to develop and optimization wireless sensor network integrated Internet of Things cloud based modals as efficient solutions to modern problems. A resultant application was designed to handle healthcare facilities through the specified infrastructure. On the basis of the feedback from the usage of application, the study was able to infer that despite the challenges, Internet of Things, wireless sensor networks and cloud, although separate technologies, may be used together to deliver ‘smart’ applications in the field of smart town, smart residences and smart security.


Palabras clave

Internet of Things, Cloud, Wireless Sensor Networks, Nature Inspired Algorithm, Coverage Optimization.

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