The architect member of the supervisory team in the construction of multifamily buildings

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología – Volumen 10 Número 4 (Edición 40)



This research aims to determine the incidence of the architect of the supervisory team in the conformity of work in multifamily buildings in 2019, allowing us to see the participation of the architect as a supervisor in the results and how their participation influences. The methodology used is composed of a non-experimental type of research, a mixed approach because it is qualitative and quantitative with a descriptive correlational scope; through the observation of items and the use of surveys, with a sample of 47 multi-family buildings. According to the results obtained from the statistical process, the confirmation of the general hypothesis with a correlation of (0.715) is mentioned, in the same way in the case of trace control and stakeout with a correlation of (0.838); of the fixed finishes of (0.798) and the non-fixed finishes with a correlation of (0.870). Finally, it is concluded that the architect's role as a supervisor is a function that can be carried out in work to achieve the conformity of a piece of multi- family buildings and the control of the line and the disposition elements Fixed. Non-fixed finishes are related and influence the decrease in observations on the variation of measurements and dimensions in the quality and conformity of the work of multi-family buildings.


Palabras clave

Work supervision, Multifamily buildings, Supervisory team, Supervising architect, Fixed and non-fixed finishes to the structure.

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