Numerical data for wind turbine micrositing inspired by human dynasties by use of the Dynastic Optimization Algorithm (DOA)

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología – Volumen 9 Número 2 (Edición 34)

3C Tecnología



This work presents the newly formulated Dynastic Optimization Algorithm, DOA as applied to the wind turbine micrositing problem. The data is acquired by the use of the standard MATLAB software at a wind speed of 12 m/s. The values of the efficiency of the algorithm, cost per installation of per unit turbine, and total dissipated power at each number of turbines installed are discussed. This algorithm is applied to two test functions and the results are described therein. It has been welldemonstrated that the proposed DOA exhibits superior performance over GA and DEA for test functions by hitting the minima very often and with higher precision. On the other hand DOA performance on WTM problem is also encouraging.


Palabras clave

Dynastic Optimization Algorithm (DOA), Metaheuristic Algorithms, Genetic Algorithm (GA), Differential Evolution Algorithm (DEA), Wind Turbine Micrositing (WTM).

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