Energy harvesting using kinetic energy of vehicles

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología – Volumen 9 Número 2 (Edición 34)

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With the increasing global energy demand, clean and affordable sources of energy are being adopted over time. Road Power Generation (RPG) is thus an alternate to conventional electricity generation. RPG technologies generate electrical power from vehicles by harnessing their kinetic energy. The most common RPG technology is RPG by speed breaker mechanism. However, this paper will discuss the construction of a novel Electro-Mechanical system which can be employed on the surface of a road and thus can produce electricity of up to six kilowatts per day. A vehicle induces reciprocating linear motion into the RPG flip plates which is then converted to rotary motion via rack and pinion. This angular motion is converted to electricity via a PMDC generator which can be used to power streetlights. This method of generating electricity is called RPG by flip plate mechanism or RPG by reciprocating linear motion.


Palabras clave

Flip plate mechanism, Road power generation, Energy harvesting, Rack and Pinion, Reciprocating Linear Motion, Kinetic Energy of Vehicles.

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