Lexical chunks for promoting explicit learning vocabulary


Teaching and learning process in the English language is important because it allows students and teachers to improve listening, speaking, writing and reading skills in order to understand activities that are in English. The problem that aboard this research involves that students have lack of vocabulary for understanding written paragraphs in the English language, causing lack of understanding words and simple phrases from the English book. For this reason, the principal aim of this research is to determine the explicit learning vocabulary with lexical chunks through a literature review to promote vocabulary learning in students. To analyse the problem, it is
necessary to know why students have lack of vocabulary to learn English Language.

It determined that the teacher unknown the lexical chunks as a strategy for teaching explicit vocabulary to fortify comprehension in short written paragraph in English. This research project are done by phases: Phase 1, is the problem statement in order to determine the current situation of causes and effects. Phase 2, the researcher tries about theoretical foundation, it was based on different theories such as explicit learning, vocabulary and lexical chunks. Phase 3, it was done in reference to the research methodology. It was used a descriptive method and surveys as a technic which was applied to the students and the interview to the teacher. Phase 4, it was made analysis and discussion of results in order to know preferences by students, it was represented by statistics graphic and finally phases 5, it was done the conclusions and the recommendations according to the framework and analysis and discussion of results.


Ms.c. Sonia Castro
Ms.c Marcia Chiluisa
Lic. Elbert Tandalla
Phd. Lorena Gonzalez