Analysis of European context in Demolition Audits

Este trabajo se realizó en la Universitat Politècnica de València en el marco del proyecto CONDEREFF (Ref. PGI05560-CONDEREFF). Los autores agradecen profundamente a Universitat Politècnica de Valencia y todas las personas y las organizaciones involucradas en este proyecto por su apoyo y, especialmente, a la Comisión Europea por su provisión de fondos.

Editores: Javier Cárcel Carrasco (Project Manager); Elisa Peñalvo López (Universitat Politècnica de València).

This document examines the state of the art of demolition audits and some practices of construction and demolition waste management in several European Union countries: Austria, France, Spain, Italy and Czech Republic. The context that allows this cooperation among these different countries comes from the project “Construction & Demolition Waste Management Policies for Improved Resource Efficiency”, from now on CONDEREFF. This project is supported by the program Interreg Europe.

This project started from the need of aligning the regional policy instruments of these countries with the new guidelines set out by European Union Protocol on Construction and Demolition Waste Management in order to adapt circular economy and environmentally friendly trends to the CDW sector.

The next pages present comprehensive information for the aims and the structure of the project and then provides information more focused on each region related to the demolition audits and CDW management practices which was shown in an international workshop of the project.

Regarding Styria region in Austria, it is presented its Legal Framework and Practical experience in is Pre-Demolition Audits. A university research of Pardubice region in Czech Republic about the reuse of secondary material in Transport Structures, roads and geotechnics is presented. With regard to Italy, on one hand it is explained the Pre-Demolition audits as a tool for an Eco effective management of CDW and on the other hand, are described methods used to demolish the damaged building after the earthquake basing on their management of rubble after the earthquake of Amatrice e Accumuli. Concerning Rhône-Alpes in France, the state of art of the pre-demolition audits is exposed and finally, about Valencia region in Spain, the environmental requirements for maintenance work and waste management service procurement are identified.


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