Series solution of fractional Pantograph equations via Taylor series

Series solution of fractional Pantograph equations via Taylor series

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Special Issue – May 2019





This article is devoted to develop a numerical approximation called Taylor minimization method for initial and boundary value fractional Pantograph equations, which governs the modelling of the train system, with neutral and multi-term delays. Taylor optimization technique is basically composed of truncated Taylor series approximation of unknown function while employment of procedure is accompanied by an optimization strategy that is simulated annealing for carrying out the learning phase of unknown Taylor series coefficients. The proposed technique is implemented on various models of Pantograph equations to study the applicability and effectiveness of the planned scheme while error analysis and comparison with previous methods are performed to validate the results. To measure the capability of convergence the data for 100 numbers of independent runs is demonstrated in the form of pictorial presentation.


Palabras clave


Taylor series, Fractional Pantograph equation, Simulated annealing, Proportional delays.

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