Psychoanalytic technologies application in legal education

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Publicado en 3C TIC – Volumen 9 Número 1 (Edición 32)



n this work the new system of psychology and pedagogical knowledge, ideas, principles are considered. The psychoanalytic method is considered as the tool for the solution of legal education problems. The modern psychoanalytic ideas reflected in the works of Buettner (1991), Singer (1970), Helbig (1978), Datler (1985), etc. are analyzed. Justification is given that the legal education and legal education containing and applying psychoanalytic technologies promotes elimination of the symptoms indicating emergence of the mental overloads peculiar to teenage age owing to psychophysiological features and as a result of imposing by adults of the authoritative knowledge. Introduction of psychoanalysis to number of educational measures for forming sense of justice, it is necessary to begin as soon as possible that will provide the prevention of big nervous shocks in connection with understanding of in legal society and different elimination of violations in mental development of the student and his activity. The possibility of introduction of psychoanalytic technologies in relation to legal training is studied. Use of psychoanalytic technologies, is considered in the context of traditional legal pedagogics where the special part is assigned to psychology, considering the person in unity of psychosocial development. Only in such interrelation it is possible to count on the complete and objective solution of the psychological and pedagogiclegal problems facing us.


Palabras clave

Pedagogical Technologies, Psychoanalysis, Legal Education, Legal Education, Psychoanalytic Pedagogics.

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