The negative effect of incivility on job satisfaction through emotional exhaustion moderated by resonant leadership

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Publicado en 3C Empresa – Volumen 9 Número 4 (Edición 44)



Job dissatisfaction challenge among nurses has a remarkable impact on patient safety and quality of any healthcare system. The study examines the negative effect of workplace incivility on job satisfaction among nurses through the mediation of emotional exhaustion and helps understand the moderating role of resonant leadership between emotional exhaustion and job satisfaction. The study adopts a cross-sectional self-administered survey design to collect 129 responses of registered nurses based on a stratified random sampling technique in Pakistan. Smart-PLS analyzed data revealed the statistically direct insignificant effect of workplace incivility and significant indirect effect on job satisfaction through emotional exhaustion. The results affirmed the emotional exhaustion mediation where resonant leadership had a significant positive moderating role that buffered the negative effect of emotional exhaustion on job satisfaction. Though potentially useful for HR managers, this study is exposed to sample and generalizability limitations. Therefore, opens consideration for solutions in further explorations.


Palabras clave

Resonant Leadership, Workplace incivility, Emotional exhaustion, Job Satisfaction.

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