Increasing the Efficiency of Smart Patient Room Using Internet of Things (IoT)

Increasing the Efficiency of Smart Patient Room Using Internet of Things (IoT)

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Special Issue – May 2019





Researchers are developing more applications based on Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare services. Proper health care services are the major requirements now a days due to constant increase in the population. These days a major problem faced by critical patients or victims of any kind of accident is of receiving treatment on time, which in some cases becomes a huge problem specially when hospitals refused to take patients in their ER due to unavailability of beds. Travel time consumed while moving patients from one hospital to another at times results in death. The modern technology is able to manage the needs by using IoT technologies that can connect smart objects together. This paper provides the solution to the users who want prompt and timely medical treatment for their loved ones, especially in case of emergency. Smart IoT based patient room is a system that enables paramedic staff /user to get the information about beds availability in the Emergency Room in real time. The smart patient room is different from other emergency rooms by allowing the user to see the status of bed inside emergency room from anywhere in the world through internet using Raspberry Pi. This application also helps hospital staff to monitor basic vitals of patient including the body temperature, heart beat etc. and helps user to save life by saving time searching for hospitals where bed is available for treatment in Emergency room. Smart IoT based emergency room consist of android mobile device, cloud network, wireless means of communication, hardware having Wi–Fi module, that sends the data to the cloud which indicates the users about the status of bed. This system deploys pressure sensors on beds that will automatically sense pressure and indicates users regarding the status of the bed inside the emergency room of the desired hospital.


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Internet of Things; wireless fidelity, Electromyography, Electroencephalography, Electrocardiography, Blood Pressure, Emergency Room, Database.

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