Benchmarking for Recommender System (MFRISE)

Benchmarking for Recommender System (MFRISE)

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Publicado en 3C TIC – Volume 11 Issue 2 (Ed. 41)




The advent of the internet age offers overwhelming choices of movies and shows to viewers which create need of comprehensive Recommendation Systems (RS). Recommendation System will suggest best content to viewers based on their choice using the methods of Information Retrieval, Data Mining and Machine Learning algorithms. The novel Multifaceted Recommendation System Engine (MFRISE) algorithm proposed in this paper will help the users to get personalized movie recommendations based on multi-clustering approach using user cluster and Movie cluster along with their interaction effect. This will add value to our existing parameters like user ratings and reviews.

In real-world scenarios, recommenders have many non-functional requirements of technical nature. Evaluation of Multifaceted Recommendation System Engine must take these issues into account in order to produce good recommendations. The paper will show various technical evaluation parameters like RMSE, MAE and timings, which can be used to measure accuracy and speed of Recommender system. The benchmarking results also helpful for new recommendation algorithms. The paper has used MovieLens dataset for purpose of experimentation. The studied evaluation methods consider both quantitative and qualitative aspects of algorithm with many evaluation parameters like mean squared error (MSE), root mean squared error (RMSE), Test Time and Fit Time are calculated for each popular recommender algorithm (NMF, SVD, SVD++, SlopeOne, Co- Clustering) implementation. The study identifies the gaps and challenges faced by each above recommender algorithm. This study will also help researchers to propose new recommendation algorithms by overcoming identified research gaps and challenges of existing algorithms.


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Comparing recommender system, bench-marking recommendation system algorithms, comparing recommendation algorithms, challenges of various recommendation algorithms, Performance evaluation of Recommendation algorithms.

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