Arduino based radar system

Arduino based radar system

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Publicado en 3C Tecnología. Special Issue – January 2019




This paper is about Radar System controlled via Arduino. This RADAR system consists of an ultra-sonic sensor and servo motor, these are the major components of the system. Basic working of the system is that it have to detect objects in its defined range. Ultra-sonic sensor is attached to the servo motor it rotates about 180 degree and gives visual representation on the software called processing IDE. Processing IDE gives graphical representation and it also gives angle or position of the object and distance of the object. This system is controlled through Arduino. Arduino UNO board is sufficed to control ultrasonic sensor and also to interface the sensor and display device. While researching, we learned about existing navigation and obstacle detection innovations and different systems where ultrasonic sensors are used efficiently. Main application of this RADAR system comes into different field of navigation, positioning, object identification, mapping, spying or tracking and different applications. These less investment system are also suitable for indoor applications.


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Arduino, ultra-sonic, radar, positioning, surveillance, obstacle detection.

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